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Sensibilizar a organização para o novo, enxergar valor nos possíveis caminhos  são alguns dos valores da SucceXX Minds. Trazemos os temas da atualidade, tendências de futuro, provocamos uma reflexão coletiva a fim de que os colaboradores de sua organização formulem novas questões de negócio, repensem o atual modelo e se engajem na mudança.

Corporate culture

Organizational transformation is one of the hardest things to implement. It is directly related to the culture / essence of the company and reflects in part the beliefs of the current leaders. This internal transformation is quite slow when compared to the speed of market changes, mainly because it depends on people and not just on technology and new processes.

Organizational development only happens when the people involved actually believe in the transformation movement, and the energy that is concentrated for it is capable of extracting the maximum potential of human capital.

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